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The Societal Change

A change in society is brought when the residents of the society are empowered. An empowered society always looks out for development. Our people have been instrumental in the societal change for the greater good. Most of the developmental activities in the village have been a result of the teamwork of the villagers. S. Uppalapadu is a beautiful village with good roads, children’s parks, greenery, and wise residents.

Today, S. Uppalapadu has good governance with a functional Information Center (Computer Lab) and a Mee Seva Center. The village has telecom connectivity and a functional grievance address system to take care of any public queries and emergencies of the villagers. The initiative started with a very positive sign involving the villagers to contribute to the developments in the village. The local government in the village is very well established with the Gram Sabha held 4 times a year successfully.