Non-Negotiable Indicators

The Feuji Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. Manohar Reddy, was instrumental in fulfilling the 20 non-negotiable indicators as per the guidelines of the Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation (SAPF). The Feuji Foundation achieved the indicators and facilitated infrastructure for a good education, health, and employability in Uppalapadu. The 20 non-negotiable indicators are broadly segregated under five main development initiatives.

Human Development

  • Prevent maternal deaths
  • Reduce the infant mortality rate
  • Achieve zero school dropouts
  • Free children from malnutrition
  • Achieve 100 percent institutional deliveries

Social Development

  • End open defecation
  • End child marriages for girls below the legal age of 18

Good Governance

  • Construct a Gram Panchayat Ward with a functional Information Center including a computer lab and a Mee Seva Center
  • Enable telecom and internet connectivity
  • Enable a grievance redressal system
  • Conduct regular Gram Sabha meetings

Environmental Sustenance

  • Run awareness campaigns on sanitation and greenery
  • Construct functional water conservation and harvesting structures
  • Construct a solid/liquid waste management system

Human Development

  • Enable access to toilets, safe drinking water, and uninterrupted power
  • Create livelihood opportunities through microenterprises
  • Build infrastructure for potable water, electricity, Anganwadi centers, the Public Health Center (PHC), and Gram Panchayat
  • Provide a soil health card to every farm in the village
  • Facilitate functional bank accounts, the PM Jan Dhan Bank Accounts to all households
  • Enable the villagers for self-development and self-empowerment
  • Organize events, celebrations, and festivals to get people together